Brexit and Exchange Rates; How to Manage Your Overseas Payments with Global Reach.

Brexit has created a number of uncertainties, and with no deal currently in sight, there are even more concerns rising ahead of the October deal deadline. The pound fell by 20% after the referendum, and there’s the potential for another decline should things get rocky.

The October EU summit is expected to be the most prominent opportunity for the two sides to reach a final divorce agreement. However, the Conservative Party is due to hold a conference just a few weeks before, meaning there’s limited time for Theresa May to make adjustments to any propositions without causing opposition from hard-line Brexit backers.

‘The EU has a motive to reach an agreement with the UK, and in the history of EU politics, an eleventh-hour agreement is usually reached.’ – Eimear Daly, Global Reach Chief Economist

Should October not yield a divorce deal, there may be another emergency summit called in November. There have been hints this could be the case; David Davis suggested there would likely be a November meeting when he resigned. Meanwhile, mid-December will see the last European Council meeting of 2018 take place. If no deal has been made this could be the last opportunity of the year for an agreement to come to fruition, just a few months before the UK officially leaves the EU.

‘News headlines heading into the 29th March 2019 deadline are likely to provide plenty of sterling volatility and we don’t rule out higher levels in EUR/GBP.’ – Eimear Daly

With Global Reach, you can navigate the currency market with an industry expert by your side to make smarter currency decisions. You’ll be able to protect your money by locking in an exchange rate for up to two years for a property purchase so you know exactly how much your transfer will cost. This means if the pound were to decline against other currency majors, you’re exchange rate would be protected at the rate you agree. Alternatively, you can make a transfer right away to take advantage of a positive market upswing.

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